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Telephonic interpretation "one to one"

Telephone interpretation allows people who do not speak the same language to communicate over the telephone with the help of a qualified interpreter who simultaneously translates what each person says via the telephone speaker or via three-way conference equipment. Our telephone interpretation by appointment service is perfectly adapted to your needs. This is the ideal solution if you need to use a telephone interpreter only occasionally. If necessary, you can even send us in advance documentation so that your interpreter can prepare his intervention as well as possible.

Conferences, Congresses and Keynotes

The ideal solution for global and multilingual broadcasting of your congresses, Keynotes and other events.

Installing an application allow you linking local or remote interpreters or actors (active / passive) to simultaneous interpretation booths and audio / video control.

Access to conferences is via any connected screen; it can be unilateral or bi-directional. The application is compatible with most standard room equipment configurations.

Meetings and multilingual Webinars

The application was created to allow you to meet for the duration of your choice (from 1h to 6h) in audio / video, locally or remotely, with other speakers, speaking different languages.


A simple and effective solution, because it suffices to:

                    - Create a session.

                    - Choose the date, time and duration. 

                    - Choose the language needed.

                    - Invite other participants.

They will receive their email invitation and will join the meeting on their computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

8 obvious reasons to try it


• Dramatically reduce your travel expenses.

• Expand your business abroad without hiring multilingual staff.

• Create a relationship with your foreign partners as strong as those in your country.

• Do not worry about your knowledge of foreign languages in business.

• Guarantee a strategic speech transmitted as precisely as you wish.

• Improve the comfort of your interviews without reducing the quality of your "face-to-face".

• Discuss live about documents and share your applications with the world without moving.

• Make yourself perfectly clear, whatever the language and the location of your partner.




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