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INTERPPRO INTERPPRO offers DTP services (Desktop Publishing).


Our extensive experience extends from technical writing, multilingual proofreading, production and pre-printing to design and publishing. We can quickly and methodically translate a document in most languages from the raw manuscript to the computer file (PDF type...). We have a real mastery of DTP software (QuarkXpress, Indesign, Publisher, etc....) and its stages.


INTERPPRO offers audio transcription services.


We translate the voice recordings so that they can be transmitted to us on written materials. We transcribe your files so that they can then be translated, inserted as subtitles or recorded in the studio.

A lot of formats: VHS support, audio cassette, mini disc, CDs or DVDs, WVA or MP3 files ... Let us support you, we convert your Word or PDF files for a possible proofreading of translation or translation to another language. We pay particular attention to the mastery of foreign languages (spoken and written), as well as punctuation, spelling and typography. All at the service of the success of your communication works.


Commercial transcripts: for meetings, seminars, or conferences.

Interview Transcripts: for appointments or group meetings.

Medical-scientific transcripts: for clinical trials or appointments.

Legal transcripts: during hearings or interviews.




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